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The beauty of Paleochora cannot be fully appreciated from this leaflet alone. Only by visiting will you understand all that is described in these pages. The landscape is enchasing and unique, we suggest the following local visits.

Sougia: A tiny seaside village to the East of Paleochora with sparkling sea, pebbled beaches, traditional tavernas and rooms for rent. Reached by daily boat trips from Paleochora or walking along the European path E4.

Lissos: Picturesque bay East of Paleochora and close to Sougia. An archaeological site with impressive remains and rare flora about an hour walk west from Sougia.

Elafonisos: West from Paleochora, here is the famous pink beach with unique lilies. The island is somehow joined to the main shore by a peninsula which you can traverse on foot, the sea is amazingly shallow! It was here in 1824 that Egyptian troops slaughtered all the Christian inhabitants. You can reach Elafonisos by walking the European path E4 through Strovles, Elos and
Chrisoskalitissa, or via daily boat trips from Paleochora.

Chrisoskalitissa: Northwest from Paleochora up on a rocky hill. Visit the Virgin Mary monastery, it is the place where the Christians used to hide during the Turkish occupation. Enjoy the wonderful views and sunsets over the Libyan Sea. Follow path E4 or via boat trip to Elafonisos from Paleochora.

Azogyres: A beautiful evergreen village about 7km North of Paleochora, ideal for walking. You can see the little gorge and the caves Zoures and Charakas where the 99 Holy Fathers resided, also visit the National Folklore Museum, Byzantine churches and the monastery of the Holy Fathers built in 1864. Return to Paleochora by hiking to Anidros village and then to Gianiskari beach where there is a chance to see the sea-turtle Careta-Careta.

Kountoura: Situated West of Paleochora here you can visit Gramenos beach and traditional tavernas. Also, there is Cape Krios mentioned by the ancient geographer Skylakas. A wild and imposing landscape with a quiet pebbled beach it is a scuba divers paradise.
Island of Gavdos: A 3-hour boat trip from Paleochora, Gavdos is an unforgettable place worth visiting.


This route is easily found. It is marked with yellow and black signs along the way. It enters Crete at Kasteli or Kissamos and reaches Paleochora via Elafonisos and then it continues to Sougia.


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Paleochora – Omalos – Samaria Gorge.
Paleochora – Kalamos – Spaniakos – Kadros.
Paleochora – Kalamos – Spaniakos – Pyrgos – Zoures – Azogyres.
Paleochora – Elos – Chrisoskalitissa – Elafonisos.
Paleochora – Kantanos – Anisaraki – Temenia – Sougia.
Paleochora – Kantanos – Temenia – Rodovani – Saint Irene Gorge.
Paleochora – Anidros – Azogyres – Irtakina.


There are everyday coastlines from Paleochora to Lissos, Sougia, Saint Roumeli (exit of Samaria Gorge), Loutro and Sfakia, and: Paleochora to Elafonisos and Gavdos.


Paleochora – Lissos – Sougia. Paleochora – Sarakina – Voutas – Chasi – Kountoura.
Paleochora – Anidros – Azogyres. Paleochora – Kountoura – Viena – Krios – Elafonisos – Chrisoskalitisa.
The marked European paths E4 and E1 cross Paleochora allowing walkers and hikers the chance to discover a wonderful and incredible natural world.