5 reasons why Paleochora in Crete should be your next holiday destination

Can we be totally honest with you? Paleochora is one of the most beautiful, towns in southern Crete- if not the most beautiful!

You must be thinking that we’re exaggerating, but, trust us, the beauty of Paleochora Crete is undeniable. This natural paradise, close to Chania, has stolen the heart of many travelers and we bet it’ll steal yours, too!

So, without further ado, let us present to you not one, not two, but 5 amazing reasons why Paleochora should be your next holiday destination!

Are you ready for some island exploration?

1.Indescribable natural beauty

Well, it’s not a secret that Crete is an oasis for nature lovers!

Allow us to paint the scene… Lakes, gorges, mountains, caves, valleys, forests and many more natural treasures are the trademarks of Crete Greece.

Palaiochora couldn’t, of course, be an exception! It’s not a surprise that it was loved by the hippies in the 70s, thanks to its laid-back atmosphere and natural landscape.

Hiking is a must activity to do in Paleochora, as the natural landscape of the area is out of this world… So, if you want to put some miles under your shoes, Paleochora is what you’ve been looking for!

What’s more, its ideal location, just 70 km away from Chania, offers easy access to some of the best gorges in Crete.

Samaria Gorge
Samaria Gorge is not only the most famous gorge in Crete, but also the longest one in Europe! It starts from Ksiloskalo and ends at the seaside Agia Roumeli village, passing through one of the most gorgeous natural landscapes you’ve ever seen! The flora and fauna of Samaria gorge are protected by the law, as it is a natural reserve for many animal and plant species.

Agia Irini Gorge
Starting from Agia Irini village and ending in Sougia, Agia Irini gorge is 7.5 km long and can be crossed in about 3 hours. Hiking under the plane trees, by Agieriniotis lake, in the heart of nature is a unique experience. Crossing Agia Irini gorge is pretty easy, as there are many signs to guide you through it!

2.Beaches to die for

Paleochora beaches are famous for their pristine beauty!

Just imagine virgin beaches with crystal clear waters, surrounded by wild natural landscapes… Either you love water sports, or you prefer laying under the sun at an isolated beach, there’s no way you won’t find the ideal beach for you!

So what are the best beaches in Paleochora?

Pachia Ammos beach

Pachia Ammos is one of the most popular Paleochora beaches! This beach is awarded a Blue Flag for its clear waters and safety. It is also organized with umbrellas and seabeds, offering the utmost comfort. What’s more, it has fine white sand and shallow waters, so it’s perfectly safe for the kids!

Grammenos beaches

Just 5 km away from Paleochora Crete, you’ll find Grammenos peninsula. The thing about this peninsula is that it has some beautiful beaches. Alonaki beach, on the east side of Grammenos peninsula, is a virgin pebbly beach with crystal clear waters. Besides, on the west side of this peninsula, there is “Stou Houma” sandy bay, where you can enjoy the shade of the trees and swim, surrounded by a wild natural landscape!

Gialiskari beaches

These used to be the hippies’ favorite beaches in the 70s’! Back then, hippies used to spend days at the beach, singing and lazing under the sun… Although these years are long gone, Gialiskari beaches are still dreamy! Two of Gialiskari beaches have small pebbles, deep crystal clear waters, and umbrellas, while one is sandy and unorganized.

Krios beach

If you like virgin beaches, you’ll absolutely love Krios beach! Located on a secluded spot, 9 km away from Paleochora, this beach is a paradise for those who want to spend a quiet day at the beach. Krios beach has crystal clear waters and small pebbles, while it’s partly organized. The biggest part of the beach is unspoiled, highlighting the wild natural beauty of its surroundings.

3.Beautiful Paleochora hotels

Spending your Crete holidays in the heart of nature in Paleochora is a unique experience! Paleochora hotels are many and cover every taste. Ideal for relaxing holidays in the heart of nature, Paleochora hotels blend smoothly in the natural landscape.

The people of Paleochora, though, make the difference, when it comes to hospitality. Known for their outgoing personality and for treating the tourists as locals, Paleochora’ s inhabitants are one of their kind.

What does all this mean?

That you can be sure you’ll receive a warm welcome at every Paleochora hotel!

4.Delicious Cretan food

Well, this one isn’t really a surprise!

Crete is worldwide famous for its yummy, yet healthy cuisine. People in Crete know how to eat well and, as a result, ripe the benefits of good health.

Here are some of the best local dishes that will leave you salivating:

Sfakiani pie
This is a delicious thin fried cheese pie with honey and walnuts. It is usually served after dinner, as a dessert. If you still have room for dessert!

Kalitsounia are small pies or tarts stuffed with cheese, cinnamon, and honey. They are traditionally made in Easter, but you can find them all year round! They are usually served along with raki (traditional alcoholic beverage).

Adikristo is basically a traditional meat roasting technique, according to which big pieces of meat are roasted in sticks around the fire. Meat is slowly roasted for 5-6 hours and, as a result, tastes divine!

Kreatotourta is a hearty meat pie! It is usually cooked after Easter and is stuffed with meat (lamb or kid), cheeses and cinnamon.

Sioufichta is a kind of fresh handmade Cretan pasta. They have a cylinder shape and are made of flour, water, salt, and oil. After been boiled, they are usually served along with meat with tomato sauce or plain with cheese.

Eggs with stamnagathi
Stamnagathi is a famous Cretan herb. It’s rather bitter, but when cooked with eggs, leek, onions, and garlic, is simply divine! If you don’t like eggs, you can try stamnagathi cooked with meat.

5.Exciting Paleochora activities

Thanks to its natural landscape, Paleochora is ideal for many types of activities!

Do kayak
One of the most fun things to do is to row to the nearby beaches by kayak. Rent a kayak at the port of Paleochora and let the adventure begin!

Explore the nearby villages
There are many ancient villages close to Paleochora. In each of these villages, you’ll find Byzantine churches decorated with beautiful hagiography murals. Supposedly, there are about 130 churches at the villages near Paleochora. Explore them all!

Test your speleology skills
There are some villages close to Paleochora, such as Rodovani, Koustogerako, Kambanos, and Temenia, where you can find some mysterious underground formations that are constantly transformed! Do you dare to explore them?

Watch the dolphins
At the sea southwest of Paleochora, you’ll have the chance to spot the local “fisitires” dolphins, as well as other species of dolphins! There are many travel agencies organizing boat trips for dolphin watching. It’s, hands down, one of the best experiences you can have in Paleochora!

Visit Elafonisi beach
A boat from Paleochora will get you to the magical Elafonisi island. There, you’ll find one of the most amazing beaches you’ve ever been to. You see, Elafonisi beach has pink sand! How cool is this? Don’t miss the chance to visit this beach and marvel at, play with, lay on the gorgeous sand!

So, let’s recap!

Paleochora is too good to be missed! From gorgeous beaches to amazing natural landscape and from delicious food to adventurous activities, Paleochora just ticks all the boxes. Right?

So, what are you waiting for?

Book your stay at our cozy Paleochora hotel and let the most amazing Crete holidays begin!